A mobile credit card reader can help you get rid of your old cash register and start accepting credit and debit card payments! What is the best mobile credit card reader? Read and find out!


When it comes to mobile credit card readers, there are numerous options to choose from and sometimes making the right choice is really difficult as there are so many factors you need to keep in mind.

We would like to help you by presenting you the best mobile credit card readers of 2018 and help you narrow down the choice and pick the most suitable option for your business.

  • Square – This is one of the best and popular tools credit card readers on the market. Simple and affordable tool for accepting credit card payments and mobile devices. The overall experience is excellent for both sellers and buyers.
  • PayPal Chip Card Reader – We assume you have heard about PayPal and how popular this company is. The amazing PayPal Card Reader covers all of your mobile credit card reader requirements and specifications, including NFC payment. The only downside is that it is a little bit more expensive than other mobile credit card readers.
  • QuickBooks Go Payment – If you are looking for a basic mobile credit card reader and an application, this is a flexible and useful choice.
  • PayAnywhere – This credit card reader is super simple and quick way to accept credit cards. This is the perfect device if you are running a small business. For larger businesses, the seller should consider a more robust hardware.

Is there anything smartphones can’t do these days? The apps today offer millions of software solutions to everyday problems such as learning a new language or organizing photos. With a little bit of hardware, your tablet or phone can gain even more functionality. A mobile credit card reader allow you to accept payments from anywhere and can help you get rid of dirty and old cash registers and start accepting credit card payments on your mobile device. Is there anything simpler? However, which mobile credit card reader should your business rely on?

The four major credit card readers we have just presented aren’t so different from each other. Any of these credit card readers should fulfill the most basic needs. But, when dealing with something as important as your company’s cash flow, you should do a research and ensure the device you are investing in is the right for you.

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