By choosing the right credit card reader you can attract new customers and grow your small business! Read and discover how to win more customers!


Attracting new customers and growing your business are two of the most important goals of every small business owner.

In this article, we will share a few secrets with you on how to win new customers with your credit card reader and help your business thrive:

  • Accept mobile payments – More and more online buyers expect to pay using their smart devices or smartphones so you may want to choose a credit card reader that has this option. By accepting mobile payments, you can attract new customer types who are willing to spend money. Credit card terminals equipped with NFC or near field communication technology can help you accept the most popular mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay.
  • Utilize analytics to improve marketing – The credit card readers today capture a lot of information about your customers and you should be using that information to your advantage. You can build a customer database that includes email addresses, demographic information, and mobile phone numbers. By knowing what types of customers are purchasing what types of items, can help your business grow in the near future.
  • Accept EMV chip card payments – Retailers of all types and sizes are aware of the implementation of EMV chip cards. When you are looking at a new credit card reader, you need to choose a model that accepts EMV chip card payments. You need to choose a processor that will help you stay up to date with EMV chip card acceptance.
  • Set up a gift card program – A gift card program can significantly benefit your business. This also includes a loyalty program which can help you win more customers by attracting new shoppers to your brand when someone purchases them a gift card. The best thing is that majority of shoppers with gift cards will spend more than card or cash shoppers.
  • Integrate your loyalty program – More than 75% of the companies that start a loyalty program experience a quick ROI or return on the investment. The loyalty programs help you attract new potential buyers who see the value in shopping at your company.

Keep these 5 great tips in mind when choosing a credit card reader and choose a device that will be the best fit for your business type!